ABOUT US - Sioda
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Sioda, pronounced “shee-oh-da” is the Scots-Gaelic for “Silk”

We hope that by bringing your vision to life, your arrangements will give you as much pleasure as we get from designing them.

Sioda, pronounced “Shee-oh-da” is the Scots-Gaelic for “Silk” and is both quintessentially Scottish and characterises the elegance and flair of working with silk and faux flowers work across Scotland.



Connie Robinson established Sioda to combine her passion for interior design and floristry, sourcing and creating luxury faux flowers displays and home interior accessories. From originally working with fresh flowers, Sioda has evolved and grown as we recognized a demand from our clients who are looking for high quality, stylish faux flowers that would allow them to always have flowers as an interior accessory in their home and business.



We pride ourselves in our attention to detail and our desire to source only the best faux flowers and as a result we have spent a great deal of time sourcing faux flowers new products from across the world, which enables us to provide luxury silk and faux flowers to our clients. We believe that these finest faux flowers must be complimented with unique and stunning vases.



We understand that any faux flower display must complement and enhance the interior space, whether it be home or business, and therefore the majority of work we do is creating bespoke items for clients. The versatility of faux flowers means that we have a lovely variety of clients, including:


  • Home owners
  • Interior designers
  • Hotels
  • Event Management Companies
  • Property developers
  • Offices/Businesses


With all of our clients however, we will provide a personal service to ensure we help bring your vision to life.